Friday, July 12, 2013

The Door

Imagine you stand before a door, a door that you very deeply yearn  to see beyond, a door that you sense holds behind it an entire world of opportunities, of freedom, of refreshment, of life itself.  But you’re not sure.  The sense is there, but certainty is not.  Do you knock? Or do you linger, hoping for courage, or perhaps for assurance; but then, you know assurance for your hesitation will lead only to a new caution, a new thought that holds you back.  Yet still you linger, and your longing gnaws at you silently, but your ifs, buts, maybes and anxieties clamour in your head, and the silent gnawing seems to fade to a dull ache.

Breathe a moment.  Consider where you stand.  Feel your heart beat in your chest.  Listen to the flow of your breath. Be still.

Look again, as you stand before the door.  And see the tiny seed of courage, of hope, of faith in your heart. It is tiny, but it is enough.  You reach forward to knock, still tentative, but you reach forward, anticipating that after you knock you will hear the sound of muted footsteps as the occupant approaches to open the door.  But, there is no nervous waiting, no time for anxiety as your mind roars “run away, it was a mistake, there’ll be no welcome for me”.  No. As your tightly clenched fist falls upon the surface before you, it lands, not to make a hollow doleful tone, but rather on warmth, on a yielding, welcoming chest, and you feel the love in the heart beneath your fingers, as your hand is covered by that of the one who welcomes you. You are greeted, before you’ve even completed the act of knocking, by the warm, gentle, welcoming and loving embrace of the Father.  

From the tiniest grain of faith, as you reach to knock, in that instant He is there. In that instant you stand in His embrace. Cherished, beloved, safe.

Little did you realise, as you approached to knock, that He stands waiting, knocking on the door of your heart, anticipating your faith, and longing for you to know the unconditional love he has always had for you, and always will.


Unknown said...

That is beautiful!

TroubleWithTaylors said...

"I see a red door and I want it painted black" but then I would I'm a Westie after all

you write beautifully, there is a lot of talent in you Jane - NEVER EVER forget that :)