Friday, February 3, 2012

Love & Grace and Forgiveness

My obsession with love and grace continues.  As I remarked on facebook the other day to those who are wondering if I've completely weirded out - "there simply can't be too much love in the world! So I'm sharing it. :)"

On the vulnerability of loving...

When you care about someone, when you dare to love a person (and I'm talking the love of friendship here, not just 'significant other'), there is a cost involved.  You cannot love without making yourself vulnerable.  For in loving, you have opened your heart to a person.  Which means you have trusted them.  You have removed your protections.  For you can only love from a place of giving, of vulnerability.  Otherwise I would challenge if it is really love.  So the person you love has easy access to the soft, fleshy parts of your heart.  And we are all human, with our own foibles, our own mountains to climb, our own challenges, our own failings, strengths, weaknesses, blindspots.  So inevitably, the one you love will hurt you.  Most often it will not be intentional, and the ability to forgive, to show them grace, will be called upon.  It is well worth having people in your life who you love and who you have honoured by trusting them enough to allow them to hurt you.  Embrace that. And be ready and willing to forgive when the place they are in results in your own pain.  Because as they can hurt you, so too can you hurt them.  Grace.  It is a wonderful thing.  Somehow I don't think you can truly love without grace.  That perhaps is a thought for another post.

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