Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dare to live large

How do artists find the courage to share their art?  Poets, song-writers, sculptors, painters, musicians, dancers. For surely in expressing your art, you lay bare a part of your soul.  I think perhaps, the desire to share what is in your heart must eventually outweigh the risk and associated fear of making yourself vulnerable, by so openly sharing a glimpse of your sacred-self.  But still, courage must be needed.  Personally, I need my heart to be handled gently.  But of course, when you share your art, your audience is never entirely of our own choosing, and not necessarily gentle, safe or kind.  Hmm.  And yet, sometimes, you just have to share, or risk stifling the beauty of who you are.

May more of us have the courage to be and share ourselves, to be open, to have faith, to trust. And to love and express that love.

Delight in the sunshine, in the rain.  In the gentle sound of leaves in the wind, in the fury of the sea in storm. In the quiet of the moonrise, in the majesty of the mountains.   In the sound of laughter, in the pain of grief that reminds you that you are alive.  In the love of friends, in the laughter of children.  Embrace each moment, and live your life as large as you dare.  And may you dare!

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