Tuesday, July 6, 2010

2 failed projects

Since the success of the pink ruffle bag, I've made 2 more items, and both have been duds and filed accordingly I'm afraid.  So my next project has to be approached with more diligence, planning, more accurate cutting and a commitment to pressing throughout!

Sunday's failed item was a little coin pouch with front pocket to go with the Ruffle Bag.  And while it's really cute, I played with the zip (because I have STILL not come up with a way to put zips in the top of a pouch with a finish that my inner perfectionist is happy with) and managed to completely disengage the zip pull from the pouch, fray all the ends and destroy the top part of the side seam. Oh, and in my haste I also forgot to top stitch the key ring tag before attaching it.  Ah dear.  At least I laughed at it instead of swearing at it. :-)

Last night, I had an undeniable need to sew before going to bed (which I really must learn to say no to, because it typically results in me not making it to bed until midnight). So I shoved the poor cat off my lap and wandered upstairs with the goal of trying to find a more successful way of sewing a vinyl backed wallet. (I haven't posted my first attempt yet - but I will.  Main problem is that my 40 year old sewing machine just can't cope with the number of layers required). I came up with a fairly simple design, given the purpose was to try out a theory rather than produce something I'd love.  The design did work, and the method was also reasonably successful with the vinyl, however, my execution was lacking somewhat (I was rushing, didn't press anything, made a poor choice of thread colour, and so on!) and although the end result was ok, my aforementioned perfectionist tendencies were simply not satisfied by the less than perfectly straight top-stitching results.  I do think I need to abandon using vinyl for now. (not that I'm a fan anyway, but it's all about learning!)

My next project will be probably be larger and will require at least an evening to measure, cut and press before I even turn the sewing machine on.  Perhaps another Martini bag.  Pop back soon and you'll find out!

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