Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ironing Casualty & Productive Weekend

Ironing/Pressing Casualty

I completely forgot to post this pic a few weeks back - I had my first non-human ironing casuality. (and the human casualty is always my left index finger, in the form of a steam burn, I never learn!) I'm in two minds as to whether I should buy a replacement, or make one myself. Think I'll buy, and spend my making time on things I enjoy. ;-) Oh - and if this every happens to you - don't inhale the smoke! That stuff is seriously toxic!

Productive Weekend

Simon has been away skiing at Turoa this weekend, so I've had the place to myself since about 3 o'clock on Friday. Well, me and the cats. They're great company excpet when they want to talk at 5 in the morning or when they want to snuggle with me when I'm trying to sew. Anyway, that's not what I'm here for - but it is a great illustration of how distracting the puddys are!

So, aside from finally getting on top of the enormous pile of dishes, and a touch of tidying and a smattering of cooking, I've also managed to finish 2 more bags. One is another Christmas present for the twins, well, for one of them, and the other is a gorgeous little bag-ette (like the one in my most recent post) but in a lovely blue & red rose print fabric (another of my cousin's parting gifts - thanks Charlotte!). I haven't got pics yet!

Here's a sneak peak of the bag for one of the twins, until I get around to taking some better pics....

My label-attaching technique needs some practice, but I'm pleased with the look of this.

Ok, just took a quick snap of the other bag with my phone - as you can see, my lable attaching technique has not yet improved!

Right, I've been forgetting to eat all day, so I really must go and have some the chopped liver I made from my mother-in-laws recipe. Hope you've had a great weekend!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Fully Reversible, Subtle or Bright Bag

I have a new favourite bag. I am completely in love with it, despite it's seemingly diminutive size.

This was intended to be a subtle, linen/cotton bag-ette, with a secret cheerful lining that was there to delight you on opening the bag.

But as I handstitched the lining closed, it occurred to me that there was no reason I couldn't add another button on the lining, not catch the lanyard in the top stitching, and it would be fully reversible. So I did exactly that, and have ended up leaving it with the secret lining turned out and not so secret!

And as for roomy - well, this is what I had in it today - sunglasses in a bulky hard case, vanity case, pager, on call cards for work, my phone, inhaler, key ring pouch with credit cards and drivers license and some cash, keys, and I had a little notebook and pen tucked in the back pouch (removed for the photos because my red notebook doesn't actually go with the bag!)

(The pocket is on the inside when it's in its 'subtle' form of course).

That was my weekend project.  I have so many more plans for this pattern, and that gorgeous, bright cotton! Yay!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

2 failed projects

Since the success of the pink ruffle bag, I've made 2 more items, and both have been duds and filed accordingly I'm afraid.  So my next project has to be approached with more diligence, planning, more accurate cutting and a commitment to pressing throughout!

Sunday's failed item was a little coin pouch with front pocket to go with the Ruffle Bag.  And while it's really cute, I played with the zip (because I have STILL not come up with a way to put zips in the top of a pouch with a finish that my inner perfectionist is happy with) and managed to completely disengage the zip pull from the pouch, fray all the ends and destroy the top part of the side seam. Oh, and in my haste I also forgot to top stitch the key ring tag before attaching it.  Ah dear.  At least I laughed at it instead of swearing at it. :-)

Last night, I had an undeniable need to sew before going to bed (which I really must learn to say no to, because it typically results in me not making it to bed until midnight). So I shoved the poor cat off my lap and wandered upstairs with the goal of trying to find a more successful way of sewing a vinyl backed wallet. (I haven't posted my first attempt yet - but I will.  Main problem is that my 40 year old sewing machine just can't cope with the number of layers required). I came up with a fairly simple design, given the purpose was to try out a theory rather than produce something I'd love.  The design did work, and the method was also reasonably successful with the vinyl, however, my execution was lacking somewhat (I was rushing, didn't press anything, made a poor choice of thread colour, and so on!) and although the end result was ok, my aforementioned perfectionist tendencies were simply not satisfied by the less than perfectly straight top-stitching results.  I do think I need to abandon using vinyl for now. (not that I'm a fan anyway, but it's all about learning!)

My next project will be probably be larger and will require at least an evening to measure, cut and press before I even turn the sewing machine on.  Perhaps another Martini bag.  Pop back soon and you'll find out!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ruffle strap girls bag

I'm getting organised super super early this year for Christmas (I always aim to, and am getting more successful each year) and beginning to make some presents now. (I've had my sister-in-law's November b'day present sitting in the cupboard since about March!).

I found this great material up at David's Emporium about a month ago, but only just acquired the pink linen for the lining.  So this was yesterday's project, and I am absolutely chuffed with the result.  This is so super cute there should be a rule against it!  (I have to say though - for someone who doesn't like pink, this blog is in danger of being overrun by pink-ness!) I've included a pocket on the inside and a little clip - for things that ought not be left behind!