Monday, June 14, 2010

Martini Handbag

Ok, for the record, I'm typically not a pink girl. Not at all in fact. I'm very much a red girl. (I'm also not a shoe girl, but a bag girl - which is fortunate because I think making bags is a lot more accessible than making shoes!)

That said, I made the most gorgeous bag last night and I'm completely in love with it. Even though it's pink. And, while it hurts me to admit it, I don't think it would be half so cute in red.
Above is the outside view. It's an open topped bag, about 30cm tall, and 10cm wide at the base edges (not obvious from the photos, but it is a rectangular base). It's more than big enough for my ipod nano, an A5 diary, a set of marker pens, 2 sets of keys, a handmade wallet, a pocket knife, a vanity pouch, the on call pager, my phone, my sunnies, an apple... you get the picture. :-)

I love how the handles turned out. I wasn't sure how I was going to attach the feature strip and played around with a couple of options and loved how the satin stitch looked. I'll definitely use this method again.

Finally, a slightly open view, showing the inside pocket. This is in fact a fully reversible bag, but the lining is a fabric that will show every mark, so I'll do this again with a different inner fabric so I can actually use it 2 ways, but I'm still completely delighted with this.

Ooh, and one of the lads at work even said it looked really professional and he'd not have known it was homemade if I hadn't said so. Bless. :-)

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