Sunday, May 30, 2010

Messenger Bag

Simon reminded me tonight that I ought to be taking photos of the stuff I'm making and blogging them. I always forget!

And I've just typed this entry 3 times, then stupidly used ctrl+v to move text around and blogger has eaten my post and my photos, again. -sob- -sad, frustrated sob-

I'll try again another day. Here's the bag:
My New Bag - made by me!

My New Bag - made by me!

Thanks heaps to my cousin Charlotte for every bit of material that went into this.

Thanks to Larissa at mmmcrafts for the tutorial.

Stories at a later date when I've forgiven blogger for doing inexplicable things. (Since when doesn't ctrl-V equal paste????)

1 comment:

Larissa Holland said...

that material IS sharp! love it.