Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Ornament Swap

I have finally finished my ornaments for the Handmade Christmas Ornament swap run by Louise of Twenty Cent Mixture. I was umming and ahhing about participating in this last year but never signed up, so when I saw the intro blog post this year I decided I really just ought to do it.

I came up with a fairly involved ornament and Simon asked me if I was sure I was willing to see it through. I assured him that if I did anything less I would be dissatisfied and frustrated. Hmm. As he rightly predicted, my enthusiasm waned somewhat by the time I neared the end of the project! However! As predicted by me, I am in fact very pleased with the result and am really glad I both participated and with what I made.

Here are my Kiwi Christmas Wreaths - with beaded pohutukawa flowers with crocheted calyx on a french knitted lambs wool wreath, with beaded embellishments and seed bead garlands. Phew!

Ornament Swap 2009 - Group 10 Ornament Swap 2009 - Group 10

And all packaged up ready to send, complete with mini moo cards and stickers.

Ornament Swap 2009 - Group 10

I've now received all of my beautiful ornaments and will post a pic of them once I've taken one! Thank you ladies of Group 10! And of course thank you so much to Louise for coordinating it all!

More ornaments from the swap can be seen in the flickr group.

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