Friday, December 19, 2008

I love moo!

I just wanted to take the time to do a quick Shout-out to Moo.

Late last month I ordered a set of stickers and a set of 100 minicards. The minicards were posted first, but I received the stickers first. And they are SOOOO fantastic! I was really impressed with the quality, and love all the little quirks and suprises in the packaging! Well done that company.

My minicards, sadly, have not found me yet. Post seems to be a complicated affair where I am concerned, both at home and at work - I receive mail meant for random strangers halfway across the city and I'm sure there is a special someone somewhere who receives mail for me that I never know about. Well, the minicards are with that special someone methinks! Anyway, I emailed moo yesterday and mentioned to them that the minicards were being a little wayward, and simply asked that if managed to make their way back to whence they came, that I'd love it if they could resend them to a different postal address (my parents - they never seem to have mail problems).

This morning I had an email from one of the lovely people at moo delighting me with the news that they weren't ok with just updating my address, no, they were going several steps further and had requeued my minicard print job and would be sending me another set!

Moo, I don't think you could delight me any more! Thank you so much for being a wonderful example of what customer service is all about.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Cuffs

For the first time in absolutely ages I actually made some jewellery today. I've been promising mum I'd make her some simple, pink crystal earrings for months, and I know she wants them for a wedding she is (hmm, what's the right word - conducting, executing (!), doing (how boring), presiding over, celebrating), anyway, she is the celebrant and the wedding is next weekend. So I thought I'd better hurry up a make them. That took all of 3 minutes. Yes, after months of avoiding doing it. How embarrassing. Seeing as all my equipment was out by that stage I figured I might as well make myself something while I was at it. Not abandoning my current obsession with crochet, I whipped out a light weight wire, a 2mm crochet hook and produced a couple of christmasy cuffs, or bracelets if you prefer, both of which I'm really pleased with! And for your viewing pleasure.... (NB: its actually really hard to photograph your own right hand. Yes, you're right, I should have put the bracelet on the left hand and it would have been a whole lot simpler.)

Crochet Jewellery

Crochet Jewellery

For a few more pics, see my Jewellery set on Flickr.