Friday, October 3, 2008

Special little bird and a bigger undertaking

I have discovered the joy of Splendid! Now I no longer have the dilemma of 'ohoh, what size hook was I using on this project I started a week ago and got bored with but now want to pick up again?'.

So, I finished a special little bird (who started life as a frog, go figure), but I can't post him here until he is safely in the hands of his intended playmate. But here's a little hint...

And I have commenced working on a larger piece, that I can't finish in a couple of evenings (argh!!!) but so far so good! The pic is from the pattern site, I'm making it in 2 colours. Am working the motif border in apple green and the body in white. So last night I got to 11 motifs down, 2 to go! I was itching to get all 13 done so I could start the body of the garment, but sadly the contact lenses had other ideas and dried up at about 11pm, forcing me to bed. Ah. This weekend hopefully I'll make some more progress on it. Kind of over those motifs by now though!

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