Wednesday, October 8, 2008

MUST prioritise my photo transfer (an excuse to ramble)

Argh! So much to tell and no photos to accompany. :-(

Unfortunately because my PC at home is so old (9 years and counting) I cannot download my pictures from my 'real' (as opposed to crappy cell phone ) camera. So the current process is to turn on my computer (where I still store and process all my photos - oh, as long as I don't want to process raw which is completely beyond the capability of my PC), turn on my husband's PC, connect my camera to his PC, transfer the pics over the LAN to my PC and then finally go back to my PC and begin the slow process of weeding out the duds, fixing poor white balance and uploading to Flickr. THEN I need to add pics to Ravelry and such like.

Currently my Ravelry notebook is thoroughly unengaging due to an almost complete lack of pictures. Ravelry without pictures is kind of like having windows installed, but insisting on using a full screen COMMAND window for absolutely everything. Its still useful to me, but has absolutely no 'social' appeal.

And I have to admit, I tend to avoid writing blog posts unless I have photos to accompany it. Text is hard to digest (bwagy has a style which is a clear exception to this, but I simply have way too much rambling to get out of my system to emulate his style!).

Well, anyways. Updatey type things...

  • the Kea is happily united with his new playmate and playmate's dad is working really hard to make it playmate's favourite toy. I'm flattered! :-) (yes yes, photos to come - didn't you read the pre-ramble????)
  • I nearly finished and then nearly completely frogged (a term I now understand - when you have to undo knitting (or in my case crochet) because you've stuffed up or simply don't like what you've done, you have to 'rip it' back - thus 'frogging') the Olivier cardigan I reported on in my last post. This was because of 2 reasons:
  1. I stuffed up the tension (suprise suprise) on the body of the garment and it was WAY to small
  2. And far more importantly, my mother has taught me that Merino Wool and Acrylic do NOT go together. I should have known this. I just kind of figured I'd learn these sorts of things along the way. So I learnt. Merino shrinks. Acrylic doesn't. Merino needs to be handwashed. Acrylic doesn't. Merino is lovely and soft. Acrylic can be soft, but rarely lovely. So I'm back to just the apple-green merino border of motifs. And I need to buy more merino wool if I plan to finish this.
  • The yellow bunny has not changed since last I wrote about him (strictly speaking you can't really call that an update, but hey)
  • Mum frogged (there I go again, skiting about my new found knowledge of an 'in' term!) an almost completed cable jersey that I remember her knitting at least 2 decades ago. She didn't like it and has no intention of finishing it. So I now own many many many meters of lovely orange 100% cotton yarn which is wonderful to crochet with.
  • With aforementioned wonderul cotton, I have begun making a funky cardigan, hopefully for Olivia, but that all depends on what size it ends up. Yes, I know, very hit and miss. But I'll work it out. I have complete faith in my ability to wing it and win. :-) (This habit horrifies my husband - I cook the same way - the recipe is merely a source of inspiration, not a set of rules to be followed with maddening rigidity and a stubborn unwillingness to deviate and improvise. This makes him very very nervous, but as he will no doubt attest, the vast majority of my culinary creations are actually pretty damn good. Although I've lost my mojo for now, but I'm still in the cotton cardy bullet so really ought not to be going on about cooking. )
  • Anything else? Hmm, I've had to sellotape my noise-cancelling headphones together in 3 places now. So I've got suitably annoyed with them after becoming very reliant on them and have ordered a pair of Phitek M14's. More on this when I get them!
I could talk about the wonderful service we experienced at an unexpected location recently, but shall save that for another ramble. It's lunch time now and having had breakfast this morning (a rarity I fear) I have been hungry since 10am and my colleague is begging me to give her and excuse and to take a break.)

Happy days everyone!

Update - 1.5 hours later!

EEP! I lied! The yellow bunny HAS changed since I last wrote about him! Now his head is stuffed, his body made and stuffed, head attached to body, arms attached to body, nose and mouth embroidered on and 1 ear has been made! I didn't realise how little I'd written about him!

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Unknown said...

Haha Jane, thanks for the complement.

What you could do is split it up into multiple posts... but sometimes you just need to ramble to get it out of your brain. Consider your objective fulfilled.

You are opening up a whole new world to me crocheting. I vaguely remember doing it as a boy in the deep south during a particularly harsh winter (to pass the time). Sounds like a satisfying hobby.