Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Crochet project update!

I remembered what project number 5 was:
  • amigurumi bunny in bright YELLOW wool! Head done so far, waiting to be stuffed.
And the 2nd attempt on the bootie, was, um, terrible. :-( I found out that a Size H hook is not a 3.5 as I was using the night before, but a 5.0. Knowing my tension is usually quite tight, and not actually owning a 5.0, I redid this last night with a 5.5. Oh dear. It worked, but I don't like it at all. So I've decided to abandon the pattern and simply make it up as I go - that, I am pleased to report, is working out much better for me! (Oh - I also learnt today that american patterns say double crochet where UK patterns say Treble, and single crochet is double crochet, oh gosh! It explains a lot be honest. No wonder I've given up on patterns!)

2 more rows on the beach bag last night, no progress on the kea or cardigan. That's ok. Busy week anyway. Book club at my place on Thursday night - so lots of tidying up and getting the place in order in anticipation of that!

And of course Carcassonne distracted me last night too. But my husband negated all my beautiful cities with cathedrals and went on to beat me by, oh gosh, at least 70 points. Yes, that's a HUGE win. Very discouraging. Never mind. If my beautiful cities had worked things would have been different. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. :-)

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