Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Crochet project update!

I remembered what project number 5 was:
  • amigurumi bunny in bright YELLOW wool! Head done so far, waiting to be stuffed.
And the 2nd attempt on the bootie, was, um, terrible. :-( I found out that a Size H hook is not a 3.5 as I was using the night before, but a 5.0. Knowing my tension is usually quite tight, and not actually owning a 5.0, I redid this last night with a 5.5. Oh dear. It worked, but I don't like it at all. So I've decided to abandon the pattern and simply make it up as I go - that, I am pleased to report, is working out much better for me! (Oh - I also learnt today that american patterns say double crochet where UK patterns say Treble, and single crochet is double crochet, oh gosh! It explains a lot be honest. No wonder I've given up on patterns!)

2 more rows on the beach bag last night, no progress on the kea or cardigan. That's ok. Busy week anyway. Book club at my place on Thursday night - so lots of tidying up and getting the place in order in anticipation of that!

And of course Carcassonne distracted me last night too. But my husband negated all my beautiful cities with cathedrals and went on to beat me by, oh gosh, at least 70 points. Yes, that's a HUGE win. Very discouraging. Never mind. If my beautiful cities had worked things would have been different. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. :-)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Seriously Retro Bag

I have recently resurrected by crochet skills. Blame mum. She keeps knitting clothes for all the babies our friends and family keep introducing to the world and she got me all inspired to play with yarn again. And I've had soooo much fun! I'd forgotten how relaxing it is is as a hobby. And how easy it is to sit in front of the telly, (or at the table at work while your colleagues are drinking beer on a Friday afternoon) and hook away. So much fun! I have at least 5 projects on the go. And one complete! Well, it's complete enough, but already I have so many ideas on how to improve it and how I would do it a 2nd time. So those on the go are:

  • amigurumi Kea (it was originally going to be a frog, but the soft green wool wasn't green enough for a frog, so it has metamorphosed - and I'm having issues attaching the wings evenly)
  • string beach bag (had to start this twice - the first time my tension was WAY too tight and the gaps were not gaps. Ah dear. But to be fair, it was the first thing I tried this time around and it has probably been a decade since I last crocheted.)
  • baby cardigan - I'm happy to report this is going well!
  • booties (hmm. I've made one. It would fit a large doll, and only a really really tiny baby. Tension issues again. Fortunately they only take about an hour to make. So I'll be trying that one again tonight)
  • I can't remember what the fifth one is. Maybe I'm lieing. Maybe there's only 4 on the go.
The completed project is my divinely retro bucket bag, complete with very full flower! I took it out for a trial run yesterday and the lady at Atlas Cafe was SOOOO impressed and made such a fuss of it, I was quite delighted. :-)

Anyway - here's the pics, yes, cell phone pics again, I'll take proper ones with my camera later.

So it has 2 handles, and as you'll see in the below pic, I've made a closure for it - I don't like the idea of having a completely open bag with no way of securing my possessions within! Not to mention the tempation to swing this bag is very srtong and swinging and open topped bags are not a good mix!
Improvements would include making the bottom out of canvas, having a credit card pocket on the inside, making the straps and flower interchangeable by attachging them with buttons - this means I could have a red flower with matching red straps for my numerous red days, and go with the blue on others, and, well, you get the picture!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yamulka crochet reminder

Very basic crochet instructions I've found for yamulka .


1 ball #10 size 10 crochet cotton. & size 7 hook.

Start with a little thread circle & crochet 8 sc into it: then pull the thread to close the circle tightly. Mark the first stitch, then work on continuous rounds.

  • rnd1: 2sc in ea sc around. 16sc
  • rnd2; sc in ea sc around
  • rnd3: 2sc in ea sc around
  • rnd4:sc in ea sc around
  • rnd5:*sc in next 2sc, 2sc in next sc* around
  • rnd6: sc in ea sc around
  • rnd7:*sc in next 3 sc, 2sc in next sc* around
  • rnd8: sc in ea sc around
Continue till it's the desired size. All even numbered rounds are simply "sc in ea sc around" Odd numbered rounds are increases. with ea reound the number of stitches between ea increase grows by one. End by working sl st into next 2sc & then ending off.

And a cool site of pattern ideas - http://www.kippadesigns.co.uk/choose.html